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WLRN Interview with Charlie Rae & Sam Reitger about Changing Minds

Source: WLRN Interview with Charlie Rae & Sam Reitger about Changing Minds


Laurie Lima Family Status

June 4, 2011

I have been fighting negative publicity since 2007.

I had been contemplating changing my last name but felt resistant to that idea simply because I did nothing wrong nor was the trial against me accurately tried or concluded. As I was a pro se Attorney there are no avenues to overturn a Judges decision.

I have now decided to simply update the status of my family members mentioned in the press throughout Connecticut on the Internet.

It is unfortunate that the only press that remains open for review on the Internet is negative. Throughout my 29 year Career, as a Local Business Owner, and my children’s lives press and media attention was common as we were active in the Community and in our day to day lives. We were positive role models to others, especially Women. We remain steadfast in our efforts to return to our status as Private Contributors to our Society.

My daughters and I volunteered regularly in the avenues of our choice. Although our choices might not been popular within the town we lived, they were our choices. They were and remain private. Many people choose to Volunteer and make it a public matter, simply put, that was never our choice. The fact that we, as a family, were dragged into a very Public situation was unfortunate for all involved. It is also unfortunate that the negative press on the Internet is inaccurate.

My eldest daughter, Hope Lima, is approaching her final year at West Virginia Wesleyan College. She regained her status as a Nationally ranked Swimmer and has maintained a 4.0 gpa throughout her Undergraduate Studies. Hope has just returned from a research trip in Peru. She is happy, working and planning the next leg of her Academic Career. Hope is continuing her Graduate Studies in the field of Medicine although has not made any specific decisions concerning her future. Hope’s Undergraduate Studies will be completed in 2012.

I remain focused on my day to day life and pray for all parties involved to someday be responsible and come forward to make amends to my family.

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